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Douglas Daughters

Douglas Daughters was founded by Alan's daughters, Kirby Veevers and Solo Douglas Rubenstein

Their company manages his catalog and helps keep his legacy relevant

Cult Heroes: The kind of artists who have made young fellows become musicians, or music professionals or simply music fans.

"In addition to the beginnings of rap with the Last Poets and gangsta rap with Hustler's Convention, to some of the great classics of what is called Jazz, we also owe Alan Douglas for having allowed several generations of music lovers born after 1970 to listen to Jimi Hendrix without moderation. Though often just outside the spotlight, Alan Douglas was nonetheless one of the outstanding actors of an era spanning the end of golden age jazz to the irresistible rise of pop culture."

30 Alan Douglas produced tracks curated by Michaël Lemesre. (View Here)

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"For me, to produce, it is to conceive an idea, and to be able to lead it to its term. What supposes that you have to make everything, or almost." ... "The jazz, it is the soundtrack of my life. I know that it is a commonplace: but it’s true, the jazz isn’t a reducible music in a definitive definition, in a small box. It is an attitude, an emotion, a way of feeling, living, the world."


By Richard Brody. Published June 11, 2014. (View Here)

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Some of the titles produced by Alan Douglas include:

Richie Havens MY OWN WAY
mud in your ear - muddy waters
Across Time
Message to Love
The Wind Cries Mary

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